A Perfect Matching Landing Page

For each of your ad creatives for optimal ROI.. Edit any website or landing page and create matching ads within 60 seconds flat!

Increase Ad spend ROI

Who doesn’t want to increase the ROI of their Ad spend? AdConnect makes it happen!

Boost Conversions

As proven time and time again if your ad copy and creative do not match your landing page people will bounce and not convert. Stop wasting your money and get started with AdConnect

Lower your CPC

Increase your ad quality score and your CPC will drop significantly, meaning: more bang for your buck!

Short url for each Landing page version

Each landing page version for each of your ads will have a unique forwarding URL. The redirecting is instant so your visitors won’t even notice it and the unique landing page version will be loaded on YOUR original URL.

Edit web pages in real-time

With our tag installed you can edit all your web pages in real time, just point, click & edit using our user friendly WYSIWYG editor.

WYSIWYG editor

AdConnect comes with in-built “what you see is what you get” editor – WYSIWYG, which means it is super-simple to make changes to any landing page of your choice. No need to learn complicated HTML or Javascript – you can edit this page without any coding knowledge.

Instantly download your Landing Page version

As alternative of using the short URL’s you can either download your page after you are done making changes and upload it to your server or directly sync it with a WordPress site your own with our special WP plugin!

Advanced HTML and CSS editors

For the advanced marketers among us, AdConnect comes with advanced HTML source and CSS editors. You are in full control and our software won’t limit you to do what you want!


Crucial in your quest for best ad spend ROI! You need to know which ad + landing page combination works best so we offer all the needed information including advanced conversion tracking!

Special – bulk multi-version editing

Want to quickly create 10, 20, 50 or more versions of your landing page with just a different headline? Or different eCover? Or just different colored buy buttons? Our proprietary fast multi-version editor lets you do create bulk versions in a flash!

Unleash the power of ads 

So it’s time to make a choice .. 

you rather waste a lot of money on ads that don’t work with high CPC and few conversions? Or will you start using AdConnect? After all its free for 30 days! No CC needed



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