Make Your Ads Work Better

Connect Each Of Your PPC Ads To a Perfectly Matching Unique Landings Page! Boost Conversions, Lower CPC..

Boost Conversions; Lower CPC

Adaptive Ad Funnels (AKA AdConnect) is a first of its kind software that allows you to perfectly match up each and every landing page with the ad creative and copy to lower CPC by increasing ad quality and boosting conversions. Stop losing new customers, start using AdConnect

Changing the game

People like Neil Patel, author Melanie Mitchell and companies like Unbounce, Optimizely, Wordstream and even Google themselves all say the same:

"for optimal ad conversions you need to perfectly align your ads with your landing pages"

Increase Ad Spend ROI 

- Who doesn't want to increase the ROI of their Ad spend? AdConnect makes it happen!

Boost Conversions

- As proven time and time again if your ad copy and creative do not match your landing page people will bounce and not convert. Stop wasting your money and get started with AdConnect

Lower Ad CPC 

- Increase your ad quality score and your CPC will get significantly lower, meaning: more bang for your buck!

3 Steps to Increase Your Ad Funnel Conversions

Step 1

Create your ad landing page versions in our WYSIWYG advanced editor. Just install our tag and edit all you want. No changes are actually done on your server

Step 2

Create your ad copy, choose your ad creative design with our Snappa & YouZign integration, choose & set your Ad targeting and fire up your ad sets!

[Optional] Step 3

Setup your AdConnect conversion tracking to visualize your Ad funnels and see what works best!

Dynamic landing pages for multiple Audience segments

To make PPC work you need to talk to specific segments, if your product speaks to a wider audience it will mismatch and you will see bad conversions. Instead change your messaging and create a version for each segment with their perfect matching ads and targeting!

Advanced Online

Website Editor

Our specially developed editor pulls in any website and lets you edit any element, move elements around, change styling and our more advanced users can use our build in HTML editor.

What our customers say:

Cyril “Jeet” Gupta

“AdConnect really lives up to it’s name – making it easy to edit any page in real-time, and creating an ad accordingly. Something like this can really increase RoI for affiliate and product funnels. Good job.”

Abhi Dwivedi

“AdConnect is really powerful when it comes to making multiple copies of own or competitor’s pages in real time. I also like the ad module – which make its easy for anyone to create ads relevant to their landing pages.”

Robson Domingos

“Hey this looks like an awesome piece of a Software that I can use to scale in my business. As you say Neil, why reinvent the wheel, just SEARCH, EDIT and PUBLISH = $$$$$$$”

Roman Aquino

“Sounds like another time-saving idea that can help me every time I get writer’s block. Very cool!”


Start Increasing Your Ad Revenue!

Not using AdConnect is like showing hamburger ads to vegan’s.. a total waste of your ad spend!



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